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  Member Center【Register for the membership】
The dear members hello: The website provides the service to be as follows:
1. May receive the free electronic newspaper regularly。
2. Enjoys the preferential benefit activity or the website activity non-periodically。
【The member should observe the following item】In order to safeguard your rights and interests, please by all means must in detail read:
1. Every becomes the home station the full member, must observe the home station all standards。
2. User when registration, must fill in the correct material, the name, the address, the telephone, the electronic mail address (E-mail Address) and so on material, produces goods in order to help the commodity when can the correct sending to yours hand。
3. The member has the duty properly certainly account number and the password in the home station, all activities which after this group of account number and the password and for records system carries on to be responsible. In order to maintain you own rights and interests, please do not loan the account number or transfers other people use。
4. The user do not use other people account number, and observes the following several requests:
  Forbids to transmit or the publication using the home station has minacity, aggressivity, slandering, indecent the writing, the picture or any form file。
  The user must respect the copyright fully, forbids to publish has the commercial copyright, the patentability writing, the picture or any form file。
  Forbids to be engaged in violates behavior of the legal rule, the user when violates the legal rule, should be proud the legal liability。
  The user when violates the above stipulation, the home station is authorized to stop account number of use the member or to eliminate the account number。
【This website duty】
You provide possesses individual material, the home station has the duty to be responsible to keep secret, moreover to does not provide to other associations or individual, below but when has the condition in this does not limit:
1. According to the legal rule, the member behavior has affected truly time the home station security and the right。
2. The member individual basic document file, the home station does not do any violates related domestic or the international law and the stipulation use. All individual material which provides by the full member, this website regards as a secret, in agrees before the associate member, this website guaranteed that does not give outside the home station individual material revelation the third party. The home station retains sends right of the member population analysis information。
3. This website all material, including the writing, the software, the picture, the picture, the movie, music and the sound, receives Republic of China copyright law and the international wisdom property rights related article protection, please the full respect wisdom property rights and the copyright, the offender process legally。
4. Other not unexpectedly matters concerned, handle according to Republic of China legal rule and the network standard。
This website when has one of the following conditions, may stop, the interrupt providing the service; When stop or interrupt servicing, in principle we will inform the member beforehand, the urgent time does not only limit in this:
1. Factors of as a result of force majeure and so on disaster, cause us to be unable to provide the service。
2. To this website's electronic communications equipment, carries on the essential maintenance and the construction。
3. Has the burst characteristics electronic communications equipment failure。
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